Web Player

Play Spirit animations on your web page with the Spirit Web Player. See https://github.com/spirit/spirit.


Default Strategy

The default strategy for animation playback is the Greensock Animation Platform (abbrev GSAP). GSAP does a great job on cross-browser support and performance. It also comes with useful plugins to help you create web animations easier.

Other Strategies

There are already ideas of building alternative strategies for animation playback. The Web Player is open source and the world can contribute to create other strategies.

Here some strategies that are on the roadmap:

  • Using Web Animations API;
  • Create CSS Animations;
  • TweenRex, Popmotion, other third-party tween libs;
  • Lottie (AirBnB)

Do you want to contribute? Please send a mail to support@spiritapp.io. We'd love to team up and join forces to extend the existing Web Player with new strategies.

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