It might be possible that something on your web page or browser is interrupting the communication. Spirit Studio doesn't store any animation data locally, instead it syncs the data with the web page.

Please check out Help & Troubleshooting for known issues and frequently asked questions.

Troubleshooting errors can be difficult, here are some pointers that might help you solve the issue:

Outdated Web Player

It's important to know that the Web Player runs autonomously, meaning that it doesn't depend on the browser extension nor the desktop application (Spirit Studio). You can safely use it in production (even older Web Player versions).

However, if you want to live edit the animations with Spirit Studio, you'll need the latest Web Player to be included on your web page.

Bug fixes and new features are added frequently. The Web Player business logic might change accordingly. Rule of thumb for live editing animations 👉 always use the latest Web Player.

Outdated Chrome Extension

It might be possible that your browser extension is outdated, even though a new version of the extension is available.

Once Spirit Studio, the Web Player or the Chrome extension is outdated, this might lead to unexpected behaviour.

Head over to Browser Extension Updates for more information about updates on browser extensions in relation to Spirit.

Extension interference

Other extensions can interfere the communication as well. Check out Browser Extension > Install for more information.

Runtime errors

And then there's another possibility. You might have run into a runtime error. You can check if your web page has thrown an exception. Open Chrome Devtools (Command+Alt+I) and check on errors.

If you think something is broken from our services, please contact support and file an issue.

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