Group - Property Values

Scrollable numbers

Once the property is added, the value is set to the computed value of the element.

Numeric values are scrollable by default, you can drag the number up and down to increase/decrease the value and the results are immediately reflected on the web page.

While dragging

Press Alt key to slow it down.

Press Shift key to speed it up.


Click once on the value and the value will be editable. You can now type in any value. The value will be synced to the web page on each key press.

You can increment/decrement numeric property values by pressing Up and Down:

Press Enter, ESC or simply lose focus to submit the value.

Evaluate values

The value can be anything that the Web Player accepts. It's even possible to use javascript code as value to make things dynamic and more flexible.

Every value wrapped in curly braces { } will be evaluated during group construction group.construct(). By default the this keyword is mapped to the element itself. But you can easily add new mappings.

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