Group - Keyframes

Add and remove

Adding and removing keyframes is very similar to Adobe After Effects.

Click on the + icon (on the left of the property name) to add a keyframe. Once added, this icon changes into a x icon. Click it again to remove the keyframe.

As you can see above, it's possible to select a keyframe and move the ticker back and forth to see what the outcome will be in the past or future. The x icon tells you that you've selected a keyframe. Changing the value here will change the value of the selected keyframe and doesn't create a new keyframe at the current ticker position.


When you move the ticker position, the +/x icon tells you the presence of a keyframe for the current time. You can also select a keyframe by clicking on it. Once selected, you can move the ticker ahead in time of the keyframe and the x icon stays visible to inform you that you've selected a keyframe. Pressing this icon removes the selected keyframe.

Duplicate keyframes

Hold the Alt key and drag a keyframe to duplicate it.

Copy and paste

Right click on a keyframe to copy it, or select the keyframe and hit Command+C. Move the ticker to a new position and hit Command+V to paste it.

Multi-selecting keyframes is not implemented at the moment, will be added in the near future (on the roadmap).

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