Spirit consists of 3 parts:

  • Spirit desktop app
  • Runtime
  • Chrome Browser Extension

These parts together enable you to live edit animations on any web page.

Spirit desktop app

An intuitive Graphical User Interface for live editing the animations on your web page.

Spirit is available for macOS. Spirit will be available for Windows and Linux in the future.

Runtime player

The runtime player is required to play/control your animations on your web page. -Including the runtime in development is not required, the chrome extension auto injects the runtime for you the moment you click on the Spirit button in your browser bar.

Head over to API and Add Interactivity to see how you can play and control the animations on your web page.

Include the runtime in your web page. The runtime player is open source and has an easy to understand API.


# npm
npm install spiritjs --save

# yarn
yarn add spiritjs

Not to confuse with spirit npm package. Make sure to use spiritjs



<script src=""></script>


<script src=""></script>

See Runtime API for usage

Browser Extension

Your browser is the playground where all magic happens. To connect the desktop app to your web page you'll need to install the Chrome Extension first.

Install the chrome extension from the Chrome Webstore

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