Group - Elements

Elements are listed vertically. Each element has its own timeline. You can select one timeline at a time, this way you don't get distracted by other open timelines and keyframes. Focus on one element and move to another.

Open timeline

Click on the label (on the left) to select the timeline. Only timelines with properties can be expanded. If you don't have any properties on the timeline yet (for example when you start your first animation), make sure to add a property first.


Add property

Click on the + icon to add a property. A context menu will appear with the most commonly used properties. You can always change the property later on by simply clicking on the property name. This way you are as flexible as it can be ⚡️

Remove property

Right click on the property to remove it. This will remove the complete timeline and cannot be undone.


Add element

Press the Add Element + button (on the top next to the time indicator) to add another element to your group. As you can see, you can easily see how elements are nested.

Currently, you cannot sort elements (the way you can during the creation of a group). A feature which is on the backlog.

Remove element

Right click on the label of an element to remove it. This will remove all properties and timelines and cannot be undone.

Work in progress!

More detailed documentation is coming soon

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